TL9027 12-in-1 wireless disk simulator

TL9027 12-in-1 wireless disk simulator
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Product description:
The new wireless simulator. Simulator simply connected to the receiver on the can, without constraints by connection, do not need to the receiver supply can distance remote control. Support Phoenix 3.0/2.0/1.0 full range of hardware perfect RealFlight G5/G4.5/G4/G3.5 other versions, Reflex XTR, AeroFly and FMS, etc., implies the use of the Phoenix without cracking and support online upgrade; RealFlight G5/G4.5/G4 do not need to to run EMU crack. The simulator uses the switch to select the mode you need to run the Console software via the included easy soft switch working mode. Mode switching method: switch to the mode you want, and then re-plug the USB plug of time simulator. In each mode, the first time you insert the Almighty Edition U disk simulator, the system will prompt to find USB Human Input devices, and automatically installs the driver. If you are WIN98SE operation System will prompt you to insert installation disc of WIN98SE, after the success of the first installation, you may need to pull out the all-powerful version of the U disk simulator and insert again before To use.

If the computer does not recognize this simulator and Tips "found unknown hardware", please uninstall all unknown USB device in Device Manager Then after unplug the simulator re-inserted into the USB port, the operating system will re-do this simulator is installed and properly configured drivers. Almighty version of the U disk simulator lamp (USB), if the lamp is not lit, please re-plug the USB connection; If the lamp is lit, express your WINDOWS system Have been identified to the all-powerful version of the U disk simulator; lights shining, can use your remote control.

1 x receiver box
1 x the JR signal line
1 x usb cable
3 x JR servo cable
2 x DVD disc

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