LOGO 600 Scorpion Motor Combo 10S

LOGO 600 Scorpion Motor Combo 10S
  • Κωδικός/Model: MKD-05095
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 8Kgr
  • Διαθεσιμότητα stock level
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Mikado

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LOGO 600 10S Scorpion Motor Combo

The LOGO 600 combines the proven concept of the LOGO 600 SX with new components and our new signature canopy design:

  • 600-620 mm main blades
  • for 10S Lipo 5,000 mAh or 12S LiPo up to 3.500 mAh
  • light und durable chassis fiberglass reinforced frame with battery quick release system
  • direct servo link to the swashplate
  • hollow main shaft with 10 mm diameter
  • herringbone main gear with 106 teeth (module 1)
  • motor counterbearing with additional main shaft support
  • xtra-strong 25 mm diameter tail boom

Now with

  • aluminum rotor head with 8 mm spindle shaft and extra-large thrust bearings (ø 16 mm)
  • larger swash plate
  • aluminum pulley in the chassis
  • stronger one-way bearing
  • fin set with colored accents in neon red
  • newly designed signature airbrush canopy
Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter 1,350 mm-1,450 mm
Rotor blades 600/620 mm
RTF weight from ca. 3.4 kg
recommended batterie 10S-12S LiPo
Main gear ratio 7.1-10.6
Main Gear size 106 teeth module 1
batterie slot 62 x 54 x 300 mm (HxWxL)
Length 1,250 mm
Hight 360 mm
Width 210 mm
Kit Kit with aluminum rotor head
Accessories Anti Static Kit, Motor counterbearing with mainshaft support
Manual Detailed printed manual
Motors Scorpion HKIII-4035 560 kV
Motor pinion 12 teeth modul 1
Blades Carbon main rotor blades
Tail Blades Carbon tail rotor blades
Canopy Airbrushed Canopy


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