Tarot 450 PRO / PRO V2

TL48025-03 Tarot 450DFC split lock rotor head assembly / Orange

TL48025-03 Tarot 450DFC split lock rotor head assembly / Orange
  • Κωδικός/Model: TL48025-03
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 0.2Kgr
  • Διαθεσιμότητα stock level
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Tarot


Product description: 
DFC rotor head TAROT450 DFC (TL45162/TL48015) and other modifications. Independent innovation the inclined push rod structure design, unique hinged balanced rolling moment. 6061-T6 aluminum CNC multi-axis machining technology. Trapezoidal horizontal axis washer can better pass rubber biasing load. The ultra-low center of gravity and shorter spindle design, the the rotor level close to the body's center of gravity. New DFC main rotor holder three o'clock V-shaped spindle lock design. The new DFC Main Rotor Housing and main rotor holder top laser scale line. DFC strengthen horizontal axis pad 85 ° superhard rubber one piece, set in a newly designed large-sized bearing clamp base thrust bearing. New Anti-shot horizontal axis overall tensile design 480 specifications. Thrust bearing mounting need to pay attention to the, IN outside diameter of the retaining ring be installed close to the location of the Vanda, which can effectively smooth sliding pass Rally. Thrust bearing steel copper concave inwardly, in order to prevent lubricating oil thrown. 

Relevant supporting ID: 
450 DFC Anti-shot horizontal axis TL48009 
450 new large bearing Moderator rotor holder main group TL48013 
450DFC Locking main rotor holder TL48018 
450DFC main rotor holder connected arm TL48026 
450DFC tilt rod TL48027 
450DFC horizontal axis washer TL45000 
450DFC horizontal axis washer TL45167 

Holder group of 450DFC main rotor x 1 
450DFC spindle [108MM] 
450 DFC horizontal axis washer x 2 (Φ4xΦ7.0x4.0mm) 
450 DFC spindle locking collar screw x 1 (M2.5 x10.5mm) 
M 2.5 only slip nut x 1 
The metal bearing Moderator rotor holder × 2 
Bearing × 2 (Φ4.0xΦ8x3.0mm) 
thrust bearings × 2 (Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm) 
Washers × 2 (Φ4xΦ6.5x0.5mm) 
bearing × 2 (Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm) 
Washer x 2 (Φ2. 5xΦ4.5x0.3mm) 
Cup head the hexagonal screw x 2 (M3 x 15MM) 
M3 anti-slip nut x 2 
450 DFC affine horizontal axis TL48009 (Φ4.0x54.0mm) × 1 
450 metal DFC Main Rotor clamper connecting arms x 2 
francs bearing x 2 (Φ2xΦ5x2.5mm) 
plane bearing x 2 (Φ2xΦ5x2.5mm) 
M2.0 Cup head hex screw x 2 (M2.0x9mm) 
M2.0 Cup head Allen screws x2 (M2.0x5mm) 
450 metal DFC tilt link x 2 
M2.5 ended vent screw x 2 (M2.5x10mm) 
500 DFC Main Rotor ball head buckle TL50186 x 2 
M2.0 cup head Hexagon collar screw x 2 (M2.0x15mm) 

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