T-REX 600E

(H60224) 600PRO Head Linkage Ball Assembly

(H60224) 600PRO Head Linkage Ball Assembly
  • Κωδικός/Model: H60224
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 0.1Kgr
  • Διαθεσιμότητα stock level
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: ALIGN


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·         Use for T-REX 600E PRO

·         Steel ball parts is made of rigid stainless steel, features wear-resisting, and anti-oxidization. Therefore this refitting component is absolutely helpful for the accuracy of flying movement control and the stable of the flight.

·         Linkage ball C(M3x3) x 4(Φ4.75x8.5mm)

·         Linkage ball B(M3x3) x 5(Φ4.75x9.77mm)

·         Linkage ball C(M3x3) x 4(Φ4.75x11.76mm)

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