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Soldering Iron 60W 12V 3S LiPo
  • Model: 086-1800
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  • Manufactured by: Hype


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Compact and very powerful 12V soldering iron with 60W heating power for mobile use.
The 12V soldering iron is the ideal companion for on the road in order to carry out minor repairs directly on the spot.
The soldering iron can be connected directly to a 3s LiPo battery using the T-connector.

• Powerful 12V miniature soldering iron
• Connection with T-connector (DEAN)
• Designed for 3s LiPo batteries
• 60W heating capacity

Technical specifications
Input voltage: 9-15V
LiPo battery: 3s / 11,1V from 1,600mAh
Power: 60W
Weight: 22g
Length of soldering iron: approx. 150mm
Length of connection cable: approx. 250mm

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