Brushless Motors

(BL4020-1100KV) Brushless Motor

(BL4020-1100KV) Brushless Motor
  • Κωδικός/Model: BL4020-1100KV
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  • Κατασκευάζεται από: KDS Models


KDS BL4020-1100KV Brushless Motor 550 Class

For Agile 5.5 or other 550 class helicopter with 6S setup

Kv Value: 1100Kv
Number of Poles: 10P
Stator diameter: 41mm
Stator Thickness: 22mm
Stator-arm: 12
Coil number: 5 Turn Delta
No Load Current (lo/20v): 5.4A
Motor Resistance: 0.007Ω
The maximum continuous output current: 800A
Maximum continuous power: 1700W
Motor diameter: 50mm
Shaft diameter: 6.0mm
Motor length: 48.5mm
Temperature: «130 ℃
Peak temperature: «180 ℃
Correspondence ESC: »60A
Correspondence battery: Lipo 5-8s
Weight: 315g
Timing: 10

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