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i-Charger Cell-Log 8M Cell Voltage Monitor 2-8S Lipo

i-Charger Cell-Log 8M Cell Voltage Monitor 2-8S Lipo
  • Model: IC-CL8M
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  • Manufactured by: i-Chargers


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Accurate cell voltage monitor for up to 8 cell battery packs and also measure NiMH, NiCD, PB battery voltage. Voltage alarm configurable with over voltage and low voltage settings.
The CellLog 8M is pre-calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate cell voltage readings, though customers can change the Alarm, Tone, LCD, Start and voltage settings and also change back to default factory settings.
Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count: 2~ 8 series
Pack voltage range: 4.0~43.0VDC (USB can provide lower voltage 1.0V)
Alarm pack voltage range: 0.1~4.3VDC
Cell voltage range: 1.3~4.9VDC
Alarm cell voltage range: 1.3~4.9VDC
Voltage display resolution: 1mV
Current loading of test: 8mA
Maximum voltage for alarm port: 50VDC
Current drain for alarm port: <500mA
Weight: 18g
Dimensions (L X W X D): 62 X 39 X 12mm (2.44 X 1.53 X 0.47in)

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