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CY Active Throttle Governor YE-ATGv3
  • Model: CY-ATG3
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  • Manufactured by: Curtis Youngblood

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We are proud to introduce a new throttle governor developed and flown by Multi-time World Champion Curtis Youngblood. This Dual Mode Governor features simply push button setup, rpm indication lights, and a small slim case. Compatible with G-view display

Modes of Operation
Basic mode- a simple, quick start option for setting up the ATG. Set the rpm range via push button and indication lights and go fly. Nothing but basic curves needed.

Active Throttle Mode- Much more than just a limiter. In Active Mode ATG allows you to run your throttle curves and mixes to optimize engine performance, while still governing to to a set RPM. ATG passes through all your throttle curves and mixes and simply modifies that signal as needed to keep your set RPM.

Note! When going through initial setup please do Quick setup (steps 1- 12) first. See product info below for instruction corrections. See Tech specs for setting ATG V1 with G-view.
Note!! ATG is rated up to 12V


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